World of Tanks’ Scale Model Kits from Resinscales

Designed for modelers age 14 and older, the collection offers detailed scale models of famous battle tanks ranging from the M4 Sherman—the World War II workhorse used by the U.S. and other Allies—to the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E (aka Tiger I)—the German heavy tank developed to counteract the superior fighting machines encountered in Germany’s 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union. The collection also includes scale models of the following:

  • M24 Chaffee U.S. light tank used during late World War II and postwar conflicts
  • T-34-85 version of the Soviet Union’s influential T-34 World War II medium tank
  • Panther Ausf.G medium tank and Ferdinand tank destroyer from Nazi Germany
  • Type 59 medium tank introduced by China in 1959
  • Leopard 1A2 battle tank introduced by West Germany in 1965

A Himmelsdorf diorama set featuring scenery and tank-related World War II road signs from one of the most popular World of Tanks maps

Tiger-IIWorld of Tanks’ Scale Model Kits

Each 121- to 304-piece tank kit comes with decals with emblems and inscriptions from the World of Tanks game, an instruction sheet, liquid cement for model assembly, and a mini-guide explaining the tank’s history and providing in-game tips. World of Tanks players will also find a PC bonus code for adding a new tank to their game arsenal plus three invite codes for friends.

“In just five years, World of Tanks has attracted more than 85 million registered players and over 1 million peak concurrent players around the globe. This collection enables fans to build authentic scale replicas of their favorite armored vehicles from the game while also providing a fresh way for military history buffs to pursue their hobby or a new option for modelers looking for their next project,”It’s a unique intersection of gaming, history and scale modeling that adds a whole new dimension to all three disciplines.

Availability & Pricing

Resinscales’s World of Tanks collection is available immediately at hobby shops throughout the U.S. as well as at Prices range from $160. Resinscales’s World of Tanks scale models.

About Resinscales

Resinscales is leading manufacturer of scale Resin model airplanes and military vehicles. Sold worldwide with more than 600 highly detailed components, Resinscales boasts one of the most comprehensive military models collections.

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