What Type Of Roofing Is Best For Your Home?

A local roofer in Cameron Park, CA can advice you on the best material to use for your roof. There are many different materials to choose from so you might not know which type is best for you. Climate can affect which type of material is best for your home so you’ll want to keep that in mind when looking through benefits of each material.

Here’s a quick look at some of the choices you have for roof materials.

Asphalt Shingles

Most residential homes have asphalt shingles. They are cheap and easy to replace. If you have a leak in one spot, you can have the shingles fixed in that area without having to replace the whole roof. It’s the cheapest choice for roofs, but it does have some durability.

Asphalt shingles also have some insulation factor that will help regulate the temperature of your home. This will save you on heating and cooling costs. Shingles often grow mold so it’s important to have your roof inspected twice a year to prevent damage.



Tils is the most expensive material for roofing, but it’s the longest lasting. You can install this type of roofing once and be done for life. It can last up to 100 years if you take proper care of it. It can withstand even the harshest winters or the heaviest rainstorms. It comes with a heavy price tag.

While tile instillation is expensive, the quality makes this investment worth it. Besides small repairs and regular inspection, you shouldn’t have any more big jobs to do on it again. Ask your local roofer in Carmichael, CA about which type of tile would be best for your home. Some are better in different climates so make sure you get the right one for you to avoid any issues.


Metal is a popular choice for roof installation. It’s quick and easy to install. It’s very affordable while also remaining a tough material that can hold up against moisture.

Metal roofing is cheaper to replace or repair while also being quick to install. The downside is that metal is noisy. Anything falling or moving around on your roof will be loud and could disrupt you while you are working or sleeping.. Contact a roofer in Citrus Heights, CA to get a free consultation about installing a metal roof to your home.

Roof materials are straightforward. There are many options, but only one type will be the one for you.

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