5 Ways for Students to Stay Motivated During Quarantine

We are already more than six months into the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, and different groups of people are reacting differently to this prolonged stay-at-home situation. While many seem to be settling into this new normal, some people who seemed well-adjusted to the enforced confinement in the first few months are beginning to feel restless and demotivated now. It is only natural to feel this way as one begins to wonder when the pandemic will end. However, one cannot give in to this sense of hopelessness.

If you are a student who is feeling stuck in these quarantine times, feeling demotivated by having to learn to study by yourself and attend classes and lectures online all day, know that there are many ways to cope with the current situation. With careful planning and considered adjustments to the way you used to work before the quarantine, you could easily create a new healthy workaround for the altered circumstances that will help you get back on track with your study goals and stay motivated. These are meaningful steps that you can take to keep yourself motivated as you work through your course material. Here are a few of these steps that, with dedication, can help you easily navigate your study goals during the quarantine.

Students to Stay Motivated During Quarantine

  • Develop a workable routine: With only work marking the clear distinctions between weekdays and weekends during quarantine, your time might feel like one endless blur that you pass moving around your house. However, instead of giving in to dejection, make sure you create a new, workable
    Stay Motivated workable routine
    workable routine

    timetable that can help you keep your day as close to your life before COVID-19 as possible. Schedule some time to spend outdoors, preferably during the day so that you get some sunlight and that much-coveted vitamin D. This can boost your motivation.

    Make sure you get some exercise everyday as well so that you can stay alert and active throughout the day. Set aside clearly marked chunks of your day for studying and classes, but also ensure that you give yourself enough breaks between an hour or two of study. This way, you can create pockets of time each day to refresh yourself.


  • Create a space for study. You need to have a dedicated study space that is free from disturbances. Create a clutter-free, well-organized space, be it your study table or even a quiet corner in your room or anywhere in your house. The place just needs to be demarcated for your study alone. You can personalize it with motivational quotes, a list of goals, or even a to-do list. Make sure that you do all your studying here so that, over time, you begin to associate this place with the zone of focus you need for your study.
    Stay Motivated
    Stay Motivated


  • Keep distractions away. When you had physical classes to attend, it was easier to stay focused and keep away from distractions. However, now that you are studying on your own for the most part, you need to find ways to ignore those pesky texts and social media notifications that keep pinging away on your phone. It is also much easier now to hop on to YouTube for a quick break before you realize you’ve spent an hour and a half watching random videos for the fun of it

    .You first need to acknowledge that while distractions might happen, you need to constantly keep working at it to keep them at bay. Inform your friends and family not to disturb you during your study hours. Mute your notifications on social media apps before you sit down to study. Gamify your study experience. Set yourself a goal for an hour or two of your study time, after which you can reward yourself with YouTube time. 

    Stay Motivated
    Stay Motivated
  • Make your breaks interesting. While binge-watching Netflix or even YouTube videos is a great way to pass time, it is best kept to the latter half of your day as watching is essentially a somewhat passive activity. To keep yourself alert during the day, get creative with your breaks. You must’ve already heard numerous stories of how everyone is making the best of the pandemic by developing new hobbies and skills.

    Why shouldn’t you take this opportunity as well? Set aside some of your break time for a creative hobby.Pick up that guitar that’s been lying unused in your room or learn to draw or paint. You could start on small DIY projects with woodwork or even clay. Working on a completely different, fun activity can refresh you perfectly to return to your studies, and you get to master a new, creative skill to boot! 

  • Team up with a buddy to meet your goals. If you’re the more extroverted type of person who thrives on competition, teaming up with a buddy to meet your study goals can help immensely. Set daily and weekly study goals for yourself and share them with a study buddy and have them do the same with you.

    The both of you can check-in with each other at the end of the day to mark your progress and see who’s leading in meeting their goals.Making studying a contest can motivate both of you as nothing boosts our zeal like some healthy competition between friends. In addition, both of you will gradually learn how to get realistic, achievable goals for each other and also push each other to do better. If you’re both studying the same subjects, you can even help each other out on difficult concepts. Make sure you also plan fun rewards for the winner of your daily and weekly contests to keep yourselves motivated!

Now that you have a plan to get started on motivating yourself to study better during the pandemic, don’t delay putting your plans into action. Get organized by drawing up lists of tasks and goals and creating a dedicated study space. Do not forget to take fun breaks, and most importantly, make studying fun and reward yourself for each achievement. Check out other study tips that can help you with your grades during the quarantine. Happy studying!