How to Rent a Photo Booth for Any Event

There’s something about seeing one that lets people be silly, whether or not they’ve had some adult beverages!

I remember the first time we saw a photo booth at a wedding. It was a massive booth like the ones at the mall. You got inside with one other person (or three, depending on how excited people were!) and it took a series of three photos. The photos were printed out on a strip in about two minutes. The couple rented it and it cost a fortune (almost $500). It was fun but I can’t imagine how hard it was to coordinate delivery, get it set up, and if it failed… well, sorry.

More recently, at a birthday party, we saw one that was far simpler. It was an iPad on a stand and a little photo printer. (we’ve since seen these everywhere)

If you’re throwing an event and want a unique party favor for your guests to remember the special occasion – a photo booth might do the trick. it’s a growing trend for weddings, fundraisers, parties, and corporate events like the office Christmas party.

Portable photo booths can be as simple or fancy as you desire with backdrops and props. The largest booths can hold up to 15 people. More importantly, you can rent a photo booth whether you have a large budget or need to save money.

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That made me wonder, how hard is it to rent a photo booth for a party?

Here’s what you need to know.

If you need to find a photographer, either a professional one or a photo booth, you can find one on Thumbtack.

Traditional Photo Booths

The first rental option is similar to what you might see at the mall. The one difference is that these booths are portable. Your guests not having to insert a credit card or quarters to have their picture taken is another perk.

A local photo booth rental company assembles and operates the booth with a live attendant. The rental company usually supplies the props, prints the pictures, and compiles a scrapbook for you to keep.

Depending on which booth size you pick, it may only hold a few people or a group as large as 15. Smaller booths may require your guests to sit. To get one of these booths, you should plan on having at least 6′ x 6′ of free space but as much as 10′ x 15′. These larger booths are usually a portable tent.

The rental company may provide a standard background, green screen, or multiple backgrounds. Digital props, custom effects, and various social media filters may also be available in a premium package.

Most booths can print a single photo or a multi-pose strip your guest can take home. The print can either be in color or black and white. You may also offer a digital photo library for guests to easily access later on.

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas
Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

How to Rent

Searching “photo booth rentals near me” is the quickest way to find the best options. Many cities have at least three rental companies. You will see their booth rental options, prices, and amenities on their website. Some companies require you to request a quote to see prices.

Legit rental companies provide a gallery of recent rental pictures. Browsing the gallery helps you pick which booth and props you want to offer.


Exact rental costs vary by city. However, the pricing model is similar. Most companies require a minimum rental between 2 and 4 hours. Then you pay extra for each additional hour. Photo printing is included in the rental fee.

Below is a example quote for an enclosed booth rental in Tennessee:

  • First three hours: $450 Mon-Thurs and $600 Friday-Sunday
  • Each additional hour: $150 Mon-Thurs and $200 Friday-Sunday
  • Idle time: $40 to $50 per hour (booth closed during speeches, dinner, etc.)
  • Delivery fee: Free within 40 miles
  • Photo prints: Unlimited 2×6 color or black & white prints for guests
  • Props: Included
  • Scrapbook station: $50
  • USB drive for all photos: $25

So, if you plan on renting a booth for four hours on a Saturday night, your rental fee is $800. During this time, the booth is open and your guests can take unlimited photos.

If you want the booth to close during certain events, you pay a discounted idle time rate instead. For example, you can rent the booth for three hours and have one hour of idle time.

You may also pay an extra $75 to get a physical copy of each photo and a USB flash drive. Although certain upgrades are free when you rent for enough hours.

What’s Included?

Standard rental includes unlimited photos and prints. A booth technician operates the booth to make sure everything runs smoothly. The booth has a fixed DSLR camera and a 24-inch touchscreen so guests can easily review their poses before the pictures print.

Most companies include standard props for free like sunglasses, signs, and hats. But you may need to pay more for themed props like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Camera

The most commonly used camera is an 18-megapixel DSLR camera. The camera can either be what a photographer uses. To save space, some booths integrate the camera into the tablet touchscreen guests tap to take their photo.

  • Backdrop Options

Most booths come with a standard backdrop or green screen. If you rent an inflatable or cloth canopy, that may serve as the backdrop. You will pay more to have a more exquisite premium background.

Another optional upgrade is the “red carpet treatment” which includes the red carpet and a velvet rope.

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas
Wedding Photo Booth Ideas
  • Print Photo Options

Each company may offer different sizes and quantities for print photos. The standard size is 2×6 inches. Your guest may only get a single print. Other booths may offer to print up to four poses in a photo strip.

  • Pros
  1. Can produce more professional quality photos
  2. Unlimited photos and prints
  3. Operated by a rental company technician
  • Cons
  1. More expensive than a DIY photo booth.
  2. Can only rent from local companies (shipping would be too expensive)
  3. Can require more space than portable booths

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