Is it Safe to Wear a Mask during Coronavirus?

It is not every day that the world has to go through a pandemic. Well, it is not every month or year either. As almost everyone is going through the pandemic for the first time, it taught all of us a lot. Not to forget to give due credit to the Internet service providers as well. We all got access to Cox Gigablast and the like throughout the lockdown with relaxed billing requirements.

However, one thing that raised many concerns is the facemasks. Individuals are even questioning whether to wear them or not. So, here is a post enlightening you with the advantages and disadvantages of wearing them.

Advantages of Wearing Masks

Although many people are aware of the single and most prominent advantage that masks protect them from catching harmful particles in the air, there are many more advantages.

Wear a Mask during Coronavirus

Reduce the Amount of Virus Spread

As mentioned above, masks keep the virus from spreading and can reduce it by three times. However, one person wearing a mask and the other does not help. The effectiveness of wearing masks only takes place when both people who are in close contact with each other wear it. Moreover, it also keeps the germs away when a person coughs. Not only this but the viral droplets that can travel far will not do so when one is wearing a mask. Thus, protecting other people.

You Can Hide from People

On a lighter note, wearing masks allowed people to hide from acquaintances or individuals they did not want to meet in public. As it is almost impossible to tell which face is under that mask. Girls also found it convenient because they did not have to wear makeup all the time.

Jokes apart, masks helped the affected people to keep the virus to themselves. On the other hand, they also helped the healthy people to keep themselves protected from the dangerous environment.

Disadvantages of Wearing Masks

Who could think that wearing masks could have disadvantages as well? But seems like wearing masks was not the healthiest option for many. Some of the disadvantages include:

Breathing Issues

If you are someone who is suffering from breathing difficulties already, then wearing a mask can worsen the problem. As they make it hard for individuals wearing them to face many more problems. Masks are suffocating, to say the least.

Touching Faces

Individuals who wear masks are more likely to touch their faces than the ones who don’t. If the mask slides off a bit, you have to touch it and your face to put it back to its place. Moreover, if you want to itch anywhere where the mask is, you will have to touch the face again. And the itching increases when you wear the mask. As you sweat under it. Thus, making the whole situation worse.

Difficult to Eat and Drink

Perhaps the most obvious disadvantage is that wearing a mask makes it difficult to eat and drink. Imagine the inconvenience that one has to go through to take off the mask from his face every time he wishes to eat or drink something. Some people take it to the next level. They repeat the ritual of taking off and putting the mask back again after every bite or sip. I wonder how inconvenient would it be for them.

Wear a Mask during Coronavirus
Wear a Mask during Coronavirus


Wearing masks tends to get suffocating. Especially when it is hot or humid outside. All you wish to do at that time is take off the mask and throw it somewhere. Well, that is not an option for any of us and we have to bear with the torture that wearing masks bring. How many of you feel for doctors now? As they have to wear these masks for most of the time during the day.

Worn Incorrectly

Many people wear masks incorrectly as well. And one has to mention it to them that the nose should be covered too. There is no point in wearing a mask if you do not have to cover your nose. Because the virus can enter from anywhere including the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Does not Cover Eyes

Perhaps a major disadvantage of wearing a mask is that it doesn’t cover the eyes. And the virus can enter through eyes too. It is for this purpose that face shields became famous.

Although, the disadvantages seem more than the advantages, wearing masks is crucial. As they will protect you from the harmful virus. Other than that, try to stay indoors as much as possible. I make the best use of my Cox Internet and binge-watch shows. Should an inconvenience occur, I contact Cox Internet support reps and the issue gets resolved instantly!