Best mobile covers Which will suite your phone and protect you all time

Who says you need to hop one pace to another to buy different types of back covers for a recently launched phone? There are various kinds of covers are available.

Got a new phone? Or planning to get one, well then you need a new phone case. Today, we all crave the most amazing Smartphone that comprised the latest features and technology. However, no matter how stylish your phone is, it is still incomplete without an attractive phone cover. Nowadays, Smartphone has become a vital part of our everyday life and when it comes to safety we should pay more attention, a screen card is not just enough.

One spends a huge amount on flagship phones and therefore it is their duty to keep it safe all the time. An ideal back cover does not just protect the device but gives stylish look as well. Back covers are best to add pizzazz to your phone. One can explore a vast range of different types of mobile covers online. On the other hand, offline nearby shops don’t offer varieties and options like the web.

If you have a new expensive Smartphone then you can’t afford to take a risk of not having a sturdy phone cover. Sometimes selecting a phone case can be a tricky task especially from online stores where you have so many options to choose from. There is no limitation of back cover designs at online stores. Their collection includes everything.

They have phone covers in different types according to everyone’s tastes and requirements. Today, the internet is flooded with various kinds of covers and cases. The collection of mobile case online stores pleases everyone’s palates. Well, if you are wondering about the best type of cover then keep scrolling to know the pros and cons of different types of covers.

Mobile Covers
Mobile Covers

Phone skins

Skins are one of the most common and one of the most popular types of mobile cover which comes with a rubber material and vinyl or silicon rubber. These types of back covers are non-bulky, easy to use and the grip of the phone cover is good. This rubber fabric is resistant against scratching, however, can lose the shelf life in a few months and fitting gets loose over time. The price of the back cover is quite minimal and available in zillions of back cover designs. Despite such pros, experts don’t recommend these types of back covers. It doesn’t provide good protection and if you have a precious expensive phone then you should avoid rubber type of cover.

Flip Case

There is leather over at the back and sides and a flap at the front of the flip types of back covers. If you love the looks of the phone then these types of covers are not for you. These covers take away from the appeal of the phone and make the phone appear heavy. It is made of leather hence it is bulky, expensive, and heavy but provides complete and wholesome protection. There are some different patterns like ATM slot, attached pop-socket, magnet, and so on.

Designer printed Mobile Covers

And here comes the best type of back cover. Printed designer back covers are the best type of case that is not just stylish but protective as well. Whether you want to give a new look to the phone or make it protective, all you need is a quirky printed back case. These types of covers are made of polycarbonate hard case plastic. . The polycarbonate is a hard plastic cover that is installed on the back of the phone. The back cover offers protection against bumps but it offers no protection to the screen of the phone. These do not cost a lot, quite pocket friendly. The classic combination of creative design and quirky quotes is unbeatable. The best part is, these funky covers are vastly categorized in different theme-based designs and prints. Choose your favorite one from a vast collection. Plus, the print of the cover is matte-finish and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Therefore each design gives a new look to the phone.

Mobile Covers
Mobile Covers

Transparent Silicon Covers

If you are searching for something very light in weight, then your search has come to an end. As the name suggests Cases are made of Transparent Silicon material, if you don’t want to ruin the stylish and appealing look of your mobile phone then you must go for these kinds of mobile cases. They are quite affordable nonetheless in terms of the protection, they disappoint us. Hence, if you are the one who drops his phone often then you should avoid these types of covers. They are quite soft, flexible, and provide little protection to the phone.

  • Heavy Metal

Certainly, the most protective but heaviest type of back cover. this phone case is made with metal to offer complete protection to the body, these add to the weight of the phone. The phone does not get heated up when the metal case is used.

  • Custom Mobile Covers

customized mobile covers

Customized mobile covers come in the trend after Printed Mobile Back Covers become popular in India.Custom Back Cover with your Own Photo is as Unique like you, there is no other phone case like it. Custom Phone Cases are the most selling type as they have your photo printed on them, rather than a generic boring design. It is the best thing that you can give to your loved one on a special occasion like birthday, wedding anniversary,and mother’s day. 

This led us to an end. These were the most popular and trending types of back covers that are easily available online and offline. Choose your favorite one according to your requirement. Also, check the latest offers and best discounts for an affordable price. Lastly, compare the price of the back cover from different places and choose the best website to buy the type of back cover online. If you want to go for a protective and stylish type of back cover then you must go for printed slim covers.