Best tracking app for kids: How Parents can make good decisions?

The rise and the rise of technology in terms of cell phone devices and internet connection are raising concerns for parents these days. The digital devices of the children have become an addiction, and they used to spend hours and hours on their phones connected to cyberspace. Therefore, parents, these days have to make sure of their online safety. They have no way out but to choose the best tracking app for kids to look after their online activities.

However, parents have to make a good decision while choosing a monitoring app that keeps them up to date about kids online. Now the question arises, how can parents make the right choice? The answer is pretty simple that you have to keep in mind, basic features, exclusive features, OS support, installation process, and pros and cons of the application that you are going to choose to track your kids online.

Today, we are going to guide you on what kind of tracking software for kids you should choose. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that, it should pack with dozens of parental control features and provide you instant results via a private online control panel. 

Cell Phone tracking app for kids features

There are following mentioned features that tracking applications should have to set parental control on kids online. In my opinion, there are the two monitoring apps that provide you the solutions of your desire within a reasonable price and are compatible with the latest cellphone devices such as OgyMogy cell phone spy app and TheOneSpy cell phone spy app. Let’s discuss the features, OS support, pros and cons, and installation process.

  • Live screen recording
    It is a kind of feature that empowers you to remotely record the screen of the target cell phone device of your child in terms of back to back short videos of the screen and send the videos to the web portal. Users can perform the recording of the screen, chrome screen recorder, default browsers, SMS, social media apps, and email screen recording.
  • Screenshots
    You can capture screenshots on the target device screen but you have to schedule plenty of screenshots via the online web control panel.
  • Keystrokes logger
    You can capture and record keystrokes applied to the target device like passwords, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes.
  • IM’s social media
    You can track instant messaging apps running on the cellphone device of your child and you can see the logs via the online web portal of social media messenger tracker. Users can read the messages, conversations, and see the logs of voice and video call logs.
  • Browsing history
    You can remotely get access to the target device installed browsers and further you can make a check on the visited websites and bookmark with the timestamp.
  • Call recording
    Users can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing on the target cell phone device using secret call recording software.
  • GPS location tracking
    Users can track the live location of the target cell phone device of your child to trace their hidden whereabouts using Gps location tracker. You can use it further to get the location history of the target device.
Best tracking app
Best tracking app

OS support 

Android monitoring app for kids is compatible with the cellphone, and tablet devices running with the Android OS.  It works in a sneaky way on the target device up to OS version 10 and above. 


  • Phone tracking software is best for digital parenting
  • The installation processes takes few minutes only 
  • It is pack with traditional and exclusive features
  • Track the cellphone without root 
  • It supports the latest OS version of Android 


  • Remote installation is not possible yet

How to install the best tracking app for kids? 

If you are looking forward to choosing the best tracking software for kid’s android phones and tablet devices, then you need to get the subscription. Once you have visited the webpage and get the subscription, you will receive credentials. Now you should get physical access on the target device and start the installation process. After the completion of the process of installation successfully, then you can activate it on the target device. Now you can get your hands on the above-mentioned features and use it to track your children’s online activity to the fullest.


Mobile tracking app for kids is the best solution for digital parenting unless the application has all the above mentioned features, OS support, easy installation process, and pros. It enables parents to make a right decision before getting hands-on any tracking application for cell phone devices.