Which are the Best Tips to Hire Software Developer?

No matter if you are an owner of a startup, or of an established company if that organisation deals with web development then looking for the best developer is one of the most important functions that you need to carry out very carefully.

In case of a startup, there are few more things that you need to think about before hiring a developer, like, appointing a hiring manager who will take care of the hiring process, finalise the employees whom you will be hiring for technical roles and plan the entire process of tech hiring.

Hire Software Developer
Mobile-App-Developers Hire Software Developer

After setting up the base, then you think of hiring software engineers. Competition between companies in the present time is absolutely fierce and having the best software developer on your side, will undoubtedly provide you with an upper hand. Accordingly, if your software engineering team does not have skilful developers, it can harm the future prospects of your development company.

As a beginner in the industry, you cannot even afford to create and deliver software of sub-par quality. You need to have a skilful and efficient team advanced software developers, who will continuously drag their focus towards software development 24×7. Only those developers will be able to bring a drastic change in your business operations.

You must remember that as a startup, the major resources that you used to set up your business, have taken up the maximum part of your entire budget, which is why you cannot afford to lose any money on developers who will not be valuable for your company. Therefore you need to depend on the IT department of your company to get the best results. Another crucial reason why choosing the right developers is so crucial is because the entire performance and impression of your company depend on the developers.

As a startup, don’t just go on to hire the very best developers at the very beginning as they will generally come with a very high expense, which may lead to an increase in your overall budget. So at the very beginning, you need to aim to hire developers, who know how to do their job and will make a good addition to your team. Doing this will leave you with money for marketing processes and business development.

One report from Statista states that Javascript is the most popular language, which is benign used by around 64% of the developers, whereas, HTML/CSS and Java are the second and third most used programming languages. This report proves that you need to hire software developers who are agile, quick-learners and are aware of the market.

The main purpose of this article is to inform you about a list of tips and suggestions which will help you make the decision of hiring a software developer in the correct manner so that you can gradually build an able and efficient development team..

Hire Software Developer
Hire Software Developer

Tips to Hire a Software Developer

  • Hire somebody smarter than you

It is a popular quote that says that if you are the smartest person in your company, you should start thinking about hiring something new. This is not just a profitable trick, it also helps in the long-term success of your business. Talent can attract talent, which in other words means that if make the effort to hire a top software developer at the very early stages of your business development, other skilful developers will get attracted to your company in the long run, which will prove immensely beneficial for your business.

  • Provide them with a real-time problem to deal with

When you are hiring a developer, don’t even think of testing the developer with a generic problem from the internet, as that will not really test the true abilities of the developer. Instead, let him know about a problem that your company faced in the past, and ask him to draw a solution for it. This way, his skill will truly be tested and you will know if he is suited for your company. Moreover, this technique will also let him know about the kind of work your company does.

  • Be flexible

In the world of technology, programming languages go out of fashion faster than actual fashion does. So you need to make sure that you are not asking him generic and typical questions that thousands of other companies are asking. You need to overhaul your interview process to suit the trends of today. Observe how a candidate makes an approach to a particular problem. A common practice today for developers to move to a new programming language when they come across an issue in the current language. You need to prefer those developers, who will attempt to solve the existing issue rather than shifting to a different language.

  • Have a second interviewer

This is an important tip, as a particular interviewer, after getting to know about a particular candidate, may develop a kind of bias about that candidate, or maybe that particular does not provide enough effort to test the abilities of the candidate. Therefore, the presence of a second interviewer will make sure that the candidate has been tested and judged in a proper manner.

  • Don’t only focus on the resume

This is another important tip. When a candidate comes to your company with a resume he is basically carrying a record of the work that they have done in the past. That work could be a lot different from the kind of work that is done in your company. So, just like talked about in a previous point, test his real-time abilities and then take the decision based on its results. Make him present his skills in front of you rather than just a list of skills.


Even after going through the above tips, its critical that you understand that not all tips are applicable for every situation. Out of the mentioned tips, not all may work for your company, so make use of only those, which you feel can be beneficial for you.

These tips are applicable, however, not only in the case of building an in-house team. These tips can also prove beneficial if you are spending money on software development services or are planning to hire freelance software developers.