5 Inspiring Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

As you work your way through your home in an attempt to align yourself with the elements and what they bring into your life, you find yourself in one of the most important rooms:

Your bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you focus on yourself, your health, and your rejuvenation. 

It’s important to incorporate feng shui as efficiently as possible into your bedroom so you can get enough rest. Below you’ll find five inspiring feng shui ideas for your bedroom that will ensure you are able to sleep in peace.

The Perfect Feng Shui Colors

Color is a vital part of feng shui because colors represent the elements. You want to choose shades that reflect the element you want to connect with while in each room.

When it comes to a bedroom color palette, it’s important to stick to earth tones or skin tones. These would be browns, tans, beiges, peaches, pinks, and light yellows.

Earth creates stability, nourishes you, maintains your health, and protects your relationships.

Feng Shui Bedroom
Feng Shui Bedroom

Wood is also a fantastic element and goes hand in hand with earth in terms of the color palette. Incorporating browns and greens will connect your bedroom to the element of wood, which promotes vitality and growth.

These are the most calming and restful colors. They will help you sleep more peacefully and get plenty of good rest. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color, go to a hardware store and pick up some paint samples in various skin tones. Seeing them in your home among your things will make it easier for you to decide.

Of course, the bedroom isn’t always just about resting. There is a fair amount of active energy needed, especially where relationships are concerned.

Implement a few pops of bright color in your decor for a bit of active energy to keep things fun.

Bed Choice and Placement

The bed is a crucial piece of furniture because it’s where you spend most of your time when you’re in the bedroom. If you want the best feng shui, there are a few things you need to consider.

First and foremost, you should save up for a new bed that’s free of bad energy.

Hand-me-down beds may be more affordable, but they also carry over the vibes from their previous owner. It’s something to think about before you buy one on Facebook Marketplace or take an old bed from a family member.

Opt for a wooden headboard and bed frame. Metal has its purpose in feng shui, but it tends to distort the earth’s electromagnetic field, which will disrupt your sleep in the bedroom.

Wood is from nature and more conducive to rest.

As you’re arranging the furniture in your bedroom, your bed should always be placed in a command position. The command position in feng shui is a spot across from the door — you want to be able to see the entryway without being directly across from it.

If your bed is in line with the door, energy can flow too quickly to it, making for a less restful sleep. Your bed should be diagonal to the door instead.

Place your headboard against the center of a wall so that both sides are accessible. And don’t put it underneath anything like a beam, fan, or chandelier. 

You don’t need something heavy lingering over your head while you’re trying to sleep!

Feng Shui Bedroom
Feng Shui Bedroom

Bring in Balance

When choosing furniture, get as many things as you can in pairs. Pairs represent balance, harmony, and equality in the bedroom. It keeps the flow of energy steady and promotes feelings of calm and rest. That’s what you want in your bedroom.

So when you pick out your furniture and decor, keep balance in mind. Put a table on either side of your bed. Place matching lamps on top of them or hang wall sconces above them. Use similar pieces of art or pictures in frames of the same size or shape on the walls.

If your bedroom feels out of balance, it probably is. Strive for the best harmony you can when you decorate so you can feel calm and relaxed while you sleep.

Leave Electronics Out

Make your bedroom an electronic-free zone. That means no television, cellphones, computers, or tablets.

You’ve probably already heard that you should stop using your phone an hour before you plan to go to sleep. Electronics mess with your energy and disrupt your sleeping patterns because of their electromagnetic fields and artificial light. 

If you want a truly feng shui bedroom, leave your phone where it can’t mess with your restful nights and confine TV time to the living room rather than watching in bed.

If you absolutely must have a TV in your bedroom, hide it in an entertainment center while you sleep. You’ll sleep better with a hidden TV in the room than you would with one out in the open.

Feng Shui Bedroom
Feng Shui Bedroom

Decorate for Restfulness

Yin and Yang are very different energies, but they are both important in feng shui and in your household. They each have their place. 

It’s important to implement as much Yin as possible with only a little bit of Yang. Yin is calm and restful energy, which is what you’re trying to achieve in your bedroom. Yang is much more active and better for spaces where you need it to get things done. Limit depictions of fire and water in artwork and decor elements, as they promote active energy. 

You can bring a little bit of them into the bedroom, maybe with a candle, to help with passionate energy. But for the most part, you want to keep things centered around earth and wood elements. Keep your design simple and decluttered for peace of mind.

The more you have sitting around in your bedroom, the more active your mind is going to be. It won’t do you any good to overwhelm your brain when you’re trying to relax.

And finally, use textiles you love. Pillows and blankets that bring you comfort will serve you best here. Being comfortable should be your number one priority.

In Conclusion

Feng shui can bring balance, harmony, and calm to your bedroom. It’s the one place in your home where you can escape the hectic energies of life to relax and rejuvenate.

These five feng shui ideas for your bedroom will help you get the rest you need to stay physically and mentally healthy. You’re only a few steps away from your very own oasis.

Author Bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the property manager at Escaya, a luxury apartment community in Chula Vista, CA.