10 Tips to Lose Weight Without Working Out

You understand that to lose weight; you need to exercise. You don’t like working out at home much less in a smelly gym full of strangers, so is it really possible for you to stay in shape and skip the sweat? Check out these ten tips to lose weight without working out, and you will have a new outlook on life.

Avoid Fad Diets

Jumping on a trendy diet train is never a good way to lose weight because you will not be able to keep it off. Without a sustainable plan, you will only subject yourself to an up and down battle on the scale. This type of yo-yo dieting can lead to health problems on its own aside from any obesity. When you stress, a hormone is released called cortisol, which is linked to weight gain. Rather than helping, doing a seven-day cleanse or whatever will only put your body under tremendous pressure. Despite food restrictions or vigorous workouts, you might not lose weight because of a roller coaster diet.

Eat Protein

You can cut your calorie intake and lose weight without eating less food. It all just depends on what you put into your body. For example, protein requires a quarter more energy to digest compared to carbohydrates. This means you can have a few more bites of a grilled salmon and it really does your body good. Consuming a small portion of pasta will simply go to your waistline. When you eat protein, a hormone is released called leptin, which makes you feel fuller. Rather than avoiding meat in an attempt to detox your body and lose weight, try eating healthy protein.

Eat Around the Table

Not only should you try to devote some time to the family, but you can be more conscious of your eating habits sitting at a well-lit table with a placemat. After all, how often do you get lost in from of the television arm deep into a bag of chips? You can chomp away not even aware that you polished off the snacks in one sitting. To avoid eating out of boredom, laziness, or habit, plan a time to eat dinner at the table. Besides that, if you notice the tube as part of your weight problem, get up and try a different activity. You can’t turn into a couch potato if you aren’t sitting on one.

lose weight without working out
lose weight without working out

Go Light on the Foods You Love

Instead of cutting out all of your favorites, just choose the healthier alternatives. For example, use reduced-fat cheese for your pizza or order one with peppers instead of pepperonis. You can make your own with homemade ingredients like cauliflower crust or goat cheese. Anytime you have the option to get organic or fat-free you should go for it. You can enjoy the flavor without the guilt. Don’t forget to try lighter versions of your high-calorie drinks, too, including pop or beer. If you can opt for water which is one of the healthiest drinks. Besides, trying to lose weight does not mean you should get rid of all your favorites. Sometimes you can add to your meal instead of subtracting! Toss some crunchy pecans into your salad or add fresh fruit to your cereal. Hiding veggies into thick soups or sauces is easy.

Drink More Water

You should never go on a liquid diet in an effort to lose weight. However, you should increase your H20 intake. Did you know that sometimes your body confuses hunger for thirst? Instead of always trying to have a healthy snack, maybe what you really need is some hydration. You can skip the juice craze, too. Although it might be fun and healthy to have a green concoction now and then, you can actually cut down on calories by drinking good ole water. You can also add Celtic sea salt or a pinch of real unrefined and unbleached salt into your water. That way, you will reap the benefits of electrolytes that are found in sports drinks. Not only will you help flush toxins from your body, but you will get a boost of energy, and it is easier to fight cravings.

Give Meal-Prepping a Chance

You might not be a coupon kind of girl or a Tupperware type of guy, but you should really try planning your meals ahead of time. After you get the hang of it, you will wonder why you waited so long to start. Not only will you save money by skipping the once-a-week pizza order because you forgot to the meat out of the freezer, but you will keep on track with your healthy eating habits. Whether you want to start with making your work lunches or have the whole family get involved, try to find some great recipes that are healthy and easy to prep.

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