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Editorial: Time to say goodbye: Senior administrators must go

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The Hawk Staff
March 4, 2014

In order for the university to move forward, Smithson and Mayer must resign. What does it mean to say that you have no confidence in someone? More than a mere expression of disappointment, such a formidable pronouncement surely digs deeper to the very core of a relationship. No confidence indicates a... Read more »

Student and faculty protest at Board of Trustees meeting


February 27, 2014

By Garrett Miley ’15 (@GWMiley), Cat Coyle ’16 (@catotato), Joseph Cerrone ’14 (@JoeCerrone1), Erin Raftery ’15 (@e_raftery), Katryna Perera ’16 (@KatrynaJill)¬†Johanna Lynch ’15 (@johannaclynch), Amanda Murphy ’14 (@aregina92), C.J. DeMille ’16 (@CJDeMille43)... Read more »

University proposes faculty benefits cut as part of financial planning


Luigi Condina '12, Editors Emeritus
February 3, 2012

An increased focus on the university‚Äôs financial planning process will bring about new internal structural changes during fiscal year 2013. Economic hardship, the financial demands of the adopted academic strategic plan, and campus construction projects, among other factors, will challenge the administration... Read more »