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An Unexpected Decision: Jesuit chosen as pope


Anna Kesaris '15, Assistant News Editor
March 20, 2013

On Wednesday, March 13, Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected as the new pope, taking the name Pope Francis. Francis is both the first Jesuit and the first non-European in a thousand years to hold the papacy. He was elected at the completion of the top secret ballot process, which took place... Read more »

“With and for others”: What it means to be a Jewish student at a Catholic

Tatiana Pulido ’16, Special to The Hawk
February 28, 2013

During my senior year at Central High School of Philadelphia, the reality of my decision to attend Saint Joseph’s University finally set in. In its very name, the university sweatshirt I wore plastered my decision to attend a Catholic university across my chest with the glaring unfamiliarity of the... Read more »

Catholic schools in trouble

Amanda Murphy '14, Assistant News Editor
February 3, 2012

Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast, West Catholic, St. Hubert’s and Conwell-Egan are four high schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that will be closing at the end of the school year in June . Liana Taylor ,’14, is a proud graduate of West Catholic High School. On Jan. 7, 2012, she... Read more »